“High tech agriculture and consultation centre” has now been renamed as “ grow farm tech producers company limited ” and has been registered under companies act 1956. This company has been producing banana , tomato , potato and menthe on a 150 acre for the last 25 years . the company had been using high- tech method of production for this purpose . the company introduced tissueculture banana in uttar Pradesh and invented suitable agri – implements for cultivation of various crops . The mentor of the company is Mr Ram saran verma who is an internationally known progressive farmer of barabanki . he has been the fulcrum of our Endeavour all along and has been providing practical solutions to the problems , if any faced by the company throughout in the journey till date .

Today more than 0.2 million farmers of India are associated with the company who have been modified agriculture as a profit making venture . Farmer,s empowerment is the prime objective of the company , which is working selflessly and always ready to help the farmers . There are many examples of educated people quitting their jobs for agriculture after coming in contact with this company , and they are earning good income from agriculture . the company is making all efforts to pull the farmers out of poverty The company has successfully arrested the migration of mazdoors from rural area to .urban areas for employment . A number of agri – scientist official and farmers from about 40 countries have visited the company .

The company is also providing seeds, fertilizer, agri – implements and market for farmer’s produce at one place. Having been impressed by the intent of the company for social service, many great personalities have been visiting the farm of the company. The company has also received many national awards in the field of agriculture.

“Development of agriculture , development by agriculture ”

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