Few Words

It is said India lives in village, about 70 % of Indians live in village and are dependent on agriculture and contributing 20.5 % of GDP as well . This statistics underline the need for improvement. A farmer slogs day and night but still remains submerged in poverty and finds no clue for his salvation. This situation needs to be changed. Some farmers are writing a story of success but a majority of small and marginal farmers are lagging behind their problem lies primarily in the lock of knowledge of new technology and non availability right seeds, right fertilizer and right market at the right time.

Grow farm tech producer company limited is helping the farmers on the basis of its successful analysis of problems. And providing end to end solutions through cooperative farming, free consultancy, Training, franchisee model as also facilitating access to market.

Today over 0.2 million farmers are getting benefits of their association with our company in term of enhanced farm income. The company stands out as a symbol of farmer’s empowerment. The company is committed to make farmer’s respectable citizen and agriculture a profitable industry.

Thank you...

Rahul Verma